Nirvana Spa

Nirvana Spa

Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore Harmony.

Bringing together the ancient healing philosophies across the world, we seek to balance and restore the body's natural rhythms with a holistic spa treatments.

Using natural skin care products procured from various sources, our treatments are carried out by a team of highly qualified spa therapists. These caring and committed professionals will get to know your own needs, recommend essential oils and minerals needed to restore, rejuvenate and relax your body.

Facials to various types of body massages, our treatments are rejuvenating, re-balancing and rewarding. So what are you waiting for? Discover the optimum well being through a full menu of treatments at Nirvana Spa. Experience a renewal of energies, as we guide you how to maximize your spa experience.

After a detailed consultation our spa therapist will customize the program to help you to achieve your health goals, manage stress, detoxify, cleanse, lose weight and tone your body. Our professionally designed spa program will bring relief and response to the body and mind, creating a deep sense of relaxation. Each nurturing stroke conveys a massage of well being and peace.

Enter the sanctuary. Find the harmony, as the body heals, the spirit lifts and time is yours once more. Here in tranquil surroundings you'll experience a series of spa treatments that blend the techniques and philosophies of the ancient and modern worlds. Each treatment is individually tailored to your own particular needs; we use pure beauty products to soothe, calm or energize mind and body.

Spa Services

Aroma therapy
Aroma Therapy

A deeply therapeutic holistic treatment, using blends of ingredients which appeal to the senses and the aromatic appeal is a personal response to everyone's needs.

Deep relaxing, calming, inspiring, uplifting and mind clearing, the benefits of this treatment are appropriate to all.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes


A truly traditional massage with regulated pressure, excellent for releasing knots and tensions in the body. The simulating effleurage, long and strong movements are very effective in easing aching backs and tired limbs.

An excellent massage for total relaxation.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes


This is a perfect treatment to support a weight loss program and to counterbalance the overindulgence of food.

This treatment designed specifically for those wishing to cleanse their body and purge the muscles' toxins. This is an ideal treatment in conjunction with a diet regime.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Deep tissue
Deep Tissue

It truly embodies professional techniques of elbows and forearms movements to achieve deep tissue massage results. It is ideal for the regular spa goers.

The treatment will bring a deep sense of relaxation and invigorating.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Muscle relaxing
Muscle Relaxing

This treatment will soothe aches and pains. It helps to ease joint pain and the discomfort of stiffness, whilst relaxing and calming muscles.

This is a great relaxation treatment after physical exertion.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Body slimming and firming
Body Slimming & Firming

It helps you to improve skin tonicity and firmness. The result is nourished and hydrated skin. It is effective in toning your body, sculpting arms, thighs, belly and buttocks.

This treatment combats stubborn cellulite, smooths the stretch marks and prevents recurrence by reducing fatty tissues.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes


It is a most sophisticated treatment of all. The treatment begins with pouring hot oil onto the centre of the belly or back and with sweeping movements the oil will be spread throughout the body before the massage begins.

The whole experience would be soothing, relaxing and totally indulgent.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Chocolate body wrap
Chocolate Body Wrap

Chocolate body wrap is very moisturizing and invigorating, it smoothens the skin to give you a luminous glow, it is observed that the two compounds caffeine and polyphenol are absorbed through the skin during the therapy will help in shredding of those extra pounds. The shredding of extra pounds is also due to the endorphins the special biochemical compounds which body produces during the chocolate body wrap. This therapy gives you feeling of overall well-being and relaxation that tends to induce fat melting.

Treatment duration: 120 minutes

Hot stone
Hot Stone

It is a special massage, where Basalt Stones (imported from Germany) are placed at specific sites on the body to promote relaxation and to help open up the medians, also known as energy pathways.

Treatment duration: 90 minutes

Stress relieving
Stress Relieving

The effect of the stress is extremely detrimental when a muscle is stressed, circulation is reduced and both oxygen and nutrients are blocked. This treatment is a terrific way to loosen up the muscles, increase the circulation and bring oxygen and nutrients back to the area. It may also release stored toxins. The best treatment for the modern lifestyle!

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Thai massage
Thai Massage

This traditional massage is a combination of yoga and massage. It is done on the floor with no oils used. It provides flexibility, inner organ massage, oxygenation of the blood and quieting of the mind. It combines assisted yoga postures, gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions with targeted pressure points.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Synchronized massage
Synchronized Massage

An exquisite massage treatment performed in a synchronized fashion by a team of two masseurs. This massage popularly known as "four handed"; treatment has multiple health benefits, including muscle tension relief, improved circulation and detoxification of the immune system.

Treatment duration: 90 minutes


This is one of the ancient oriental methods of massages. The technique used is to apply pressure to the different points of the feet which corresponds to individual parts of the body. This massage is effective in stress relieving and tension. It also restores the natural flow of energy in the body.

Treatment duration: 45 minutes

Back anti-stress
Back Anti-Stress

This massage is perfect to relieve the stress of body and mind of the frequent traveller. The treatment will happen by blending lavender, ylang ylang and sandalwood oils to rejuvenate weary frequent travellers.

Treatment duration: 30 minutes

Nirvana signature
Nirvana Signature

This is one of our own treatments. This treatment is suited for all age group. This specialized massage requires perfect blends of oils with aswagandha, bala root and other herbs. The combination of these ingredients relaxes your aching muscles and tired minds.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Body polish and wrap
Body Polish & Wrap

The body polish is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

A body wrap treatment helps you get rid of body toxins through metabolic stimulation. It hydrates and softens your skin.

Treatment duration: Polish 30 minutes / Wrap 30 minutes

Neck and shoulder massage
Neck & Shoulder Massage

Most people suffer from tension in their necks and shoulders at some time in their lives, which is hardly surprising if we consider the job the neck has to do! Poor posture, bad working positions and carrying heavy bags all conspire to make the problem worse.

This Neck & Shoulder massage gets right to the core of tension and eases it gently and effortlessly giving you great relief.

Treatment duration: 30 minutes